The purpose of the Screening Tool is to provide DCFS a simple way to identify families who may qualify for DPSS services. The Screening Tool describes the basic criteria for eligibility to CalWORKs and General Relief (GR). Parents as well as relative caregivers or emancipating young parents deemed potentially eligible for services using the Screening Tool are offered an expedited application process.

Summary of Activity Flow


NOTE: DCFS families can be screened at any time during which their case or referral is open. Target families are those in need of DPSS services who do NOT have a CalWORKs case open.

1. A CSW determines at some point during the start of or during ongoing case work that DPSS services could help a family address safety and well-being issues for the child. When it is verified that the family is not already open to CalWORKs, then the CSW has his/her Clerk generate a DCFS 5122 (Screening Tool) from CWS/CMS.

2. Either the CSW or the LGSW conducts the screening with the family. The first page of the Screening Tool is retained for DCFS records, while the other pages are for the family.

a. If the family appears potentially eligible, the family takes their referral form to a DPSS office.  Families that go to DPSS are granted an automatic (and discreet) place at the front of the intake line. They need to bring Page 2 of the Screening Tool and other required documentation.

b. If the family does NOT appear to be potentially eligible or is uninterested in applying for benefits, then they are given the last two pages (pp.3 and 4) as information only.

3. The CSW or LGSW then puts Page 1 of the Screening Tool in the 5122 Inbox established in the office, with the appropriate information filled out in the lower right hand corner of the page.

4. A designated Clerk will record the results of screening the family into CWS/CMS.