The purpose of Family Preservation/GAIN Service Coordination is to integrate the resources of  DCFS and DPSS to keep families intact.  DPSS has many service resources a family can utilize to meet their child welfare goals.  Additionally, when both case workers partner to coordinate services, families are more likely to stay on track for achieving economic self-sufficiency.

Summary of Process Flow


1. When a CSW identifies that a family is in need of FP services, it's critical to know whether that family is already involved in CalWORKS.  The CSW confirms family's CalWORKS status by reviewing a recent Single Index printout or requesting their Unit Clerk generate a current Single Index printout.

2. The CSW records the CalWORKS status of the family on the DCFS 800.

3. Upon approval of the DCFS 800 and accompanying material, the CBL takes the following two actions.

a. The CBL completes GN 2016 and uses it to notify appropriate GAIN office of a potential mutual client.

b. The CBL assigns the case to a particular Family Preservation Agency.

4. The GAIN services worker researches the case further and conveys case status details to the FP Agency and CBL to begin service collaboration.

5. FP Agency Liaison and CBL arranges for GSW to attend MCPC to jointly plan for meeting the family's service needs.

6. Following the initial MCPC, the CSW updates CWS/CMS to reflect the family's Linkages case status. This is done by selecting the special project code in CWS/CMS for 'Linkages mutual client'.

7. Ongoing service collaboration continues until the family is no longer deemed a mutual case.

8. The CSW updates CWS/CMS to indicate that service coordination through Linkages is no longer being received by the family.