When children are removed from a CalWORKs home for safety reasons, the parent often faces difficult challenges reunifying the family, such as domestic violence, mental health issues and substance abuse.  DPSS has the resources to help parents address many of these needs. 

With the passage of AB429 in California, CalWORKs families can now continue to receive GAIN services for six months while there is an FR case plan in place. If the family remains otherwise eligible for CalWORKs and continues to work toward reunification, these services can extend for six additional months.

Summary of Process Flow


To initiate this protocol, two things have to be true: children have been removed from a CalWORKs home and a FR service plan must be in place.  This can occur for either court FR cases or voluntary FR cases.  Court FR cases are the most common and are described below.

1. When FR services are being considered for a family, it's critical to know if the family is already involved in CalWORKS. When the Minute Order is issued from the detention hearing, the ER Supervisor confirms the family's CalWORKS status by reviewing a recent Single Index printout or requesting a current Single Index printout be generated by the Unit Clerk.

2. If the family is on CalWORKs, the ER SCSW verifies the M.O. (Minute Order) and forwards a copy to the LGSW requesting him/her to notify DPSS of a potential mutual AB 429 family.

3. The LGSW researches the case further and indicates whether service coordination is possible. Depending on the findings, the LGSW completes a DCFS 5230 and uses it to notify both DPSS and DCFS.

4. Within three business days, the case-carrying FR GAIN Services Worker (GSW) contacts the CSW to initiate service coordination.

5. The CSW updates CWS/CMS to indicate that Linkages services coordination has begun. This is done by selecting the special project code for AB 429.

6. Ongoing service collaboration continues until the family no longer meets the AB 429 criteria.

7. At that time, the CSW updates CWS/CMS by entering an end date in the AB 429 project code.

NOTE #1: Similar steps are followed for a voluntary FR case.  However, the initial trigger document is a Voluntary Placement Agreement instead of a court Minute Order.

NOTE #2:  If a CSW identifies a potential mutual AB 429 family on their existing caseload, she/he would contact their LGSW to initiate the process above at step #3.

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