Team Decision Meetings (TDMs) are designed so decisions can be made immediately regarding a child's placement. Families benefit from having a Linkages GAIN Services Worker attend TDMs by increased access to supportive services, coordination of child welfare and public assistance services and mitigation of barriers to economic stability that may exist. The LGSW's involvement in TDMs helps parents become self-sufficient, ensures the safety of their children, and ultimately, allows them to be better able to provide for their families.

Summary of Activity Flow

1. Through details emerging from ongoing casework, the CSW identifies families who would benefit from receiving DPSS services.  Families who have an open case with both DCFS and DPSS, and families or relative caregivers who are potentially eligible for DPSS programs, are considered priorities for inviting LGSW participation at a TDM.

2.  The CSW completes a TDM referral form (available at each DCFS regional office) and requests the LGSW to attend the TDM. The TDM facilitator notifies LGSW of scheduled priority TDMs.

3.  The LGSW researches the family's DPSS status prior to the TDM.

4.  Both the LGSW and the CSW attend the TDM.

a. The TDM facilitator records actions items from the meeting on the TDM Action Plan and notes that the LGSW participated in the TDM into the TDM database.

b. The LGSW records the type of assistance provided to the family by the LGSW in the Linkages Activity Log.