The purpose of case consultation is to enhance a family's access to an appropriate array of services. A CSW can request information about DPSS services for a family through multiple channels, both formal and informal. The co-located Linkages GAIN Services Worker is able to advise, in an immediate and accessible fashion, about eligibility requirements,service coordination issues and services provided by DPSS.
Summary of Process Flow


1. In the course of case work, a CSW might determine that a family could benefit from DPSS services or has a question about a mutual client on his/her caseload.

2.  There are two options for getting the CSW's questions answered: consulting with the LGSW informally, or making a formal case consultation request.

a. INFORMAL CASE CONSULTATION: The CSW presents the question to the LGSW by whatever style fits the needs of the CSW: phone, e-mail or face-to-face conversation.  The CSW proceeds having received advice or recommendation from the LGSW.

b. FORMAL CASE CONSULTATION: The CSW completes an Information Request Form and submits it to the LGSW.

3. The LGSW performs the appropriate research on the question and responds to the CSW as quickly as possible.

a.  The LGSW logs the type of assistance provided to the CSW into the Linkages Activity Log.