LINKAGES is a program designed to enhance the service experience of families who are involved in both child welfare and public assistance.

The strategic framework behind Linkages in LA county consists of three approaches to service collaboration between the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Department of Public and Social Services (DPSS) on behalf of children and families. 


1. Position a DPSS resource within DCFS: the Linkages GAIN Services Worker is an individual co-located at a DCFS office.  The focus of the LGSW is to facilitate service collaboration between DCFS and DPSS.

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2. Implement strategies and tools to facilitate service collaboration: five protocols target populations of DCFS families who can benefit from the resources of DPSS.


3. Assign liaison roles throughout DPSS offices: in each DPSS office, one or more managers are designated as Linkages Liaisions to facilitate service collaboration on behalf of mutual clients.

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